A New Year’s “Revolution”


I’ve made New Year’s “resolutions”.  The problem with the word “resolution” is it comes from the Latin root word “resolvere” from which we get our word “resolve”.  To resolve is to decide firmly upon a course of action.  My resolutions usually fail from my lack of disciplined resolve to follow the course of action decided upon.

I needed a stronger action word: something that could start the moment I thought of it; something that could even begin in my thoughts themselves.  My search for motivation led me to the word “revolution”.  A first look at definitions did more to discourage than inspire – “Orbital motion about a point, especially as distinguished from axial rotation: the planetary revolution about the sun.”  Great.  I had been “orbiting” around my goals far too long with inertia and distraction throwing me away rather than toward them.  But then, I found my Ebenezer; the marker stone in my road to indicate a change in direction – a fresh beginning.  My “New Year’s Revolution” stands on this definition – “A far-reaching and drastic change, especially in ideas, methods, etc.”

Resolutions often begin with verbal announcements – “Public Resolution number 42; let it be resolved that…..”  They then fall to the ground as words alone.  With this column being titled “Not Words Alone”, there is implication of impending action; something WILL happen as a result of spoken or written words, or even silent ponderings.  Political candidates often campaign on a platform of “change”.  They feed on the discontent of the masses claiming “Tired of the “Same Old”?  Vote for me and I promise to bring changes!” only to become asteroids drifting in the same old orbits.

For some, time is the enemy.  For others, time is a friend.  The parade of time reduces the remaining happy days of some while, at the same time, placing healing distance between the brokenhearted and the day that brought them sorrow.  Most of my days are filled with blessings, and for that I am thankful.  One could say that makes it easy for me to think positively.  However, I’ve picked or been handed my share of lemons; those bitter skinned fruits with inedible sour flesh.  Personally, I think they’re wonderfully symbolic for this reason.  Their very nature challenges us to transform them into something good.  The addition of sugar changes the sour juice into a sweet treat.  Even the tough, bitter rind gives zest to boring recipes.  However, without change, lemons remain as they are – bitter and sour.

As blessed as my life is, there are always things that need at the very least, a minor “revolution” to take place, and so I share my closing thoughts of 2013:

Time marches on, and now once again, a new year approaches; the old year will end.  Time – priceless to purchase, too precious to waste; to be a good steward, I now must make haste.  Shun piles of stuff, all that glitters and clatters; our love for each other is really what matters.  We’ll begin this fresh year that’s now nearly started, with more joy and  grace than the one soon departed, with no sad regrets for the failure of plans, but in faith and contentment with God’s gifts at hand.

© 2013 Curt Savage Media

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