The Creator and the Creation

Water Jug With WatermarkHave you ever painted a picture? I’m always amazed at how long the process takes to complete. When I begin a painting, I start with a blank canvas that requires a primer preparation before any color can be applied. I then begin applying multiple layers of paint – some transparent and some opaque. I forcefully press stiff brushes and lightly feather edges with delicate “brights”.   I apply heavy paint with my pallet knife, and sometimes I use that knife to scrape away what doesn’t belong on the canvas. At the end of the work, I apply a preserving varnish and place my signature on the work.

The Creator of the universe is leaning toward you, His creation, watching, listening to your heart and waiting for your questions; the questions He already knows because He made you. He knew you before He formed you. You are God’s masterpiece in progress, and He is faithful to complete what He has begun. He provides those He loves with all they need, all the characteristics, the knowledge, the abilities and the experiences to do His will. We are His canvas, and His work on that canvas is the essence of the abundant life.

Just because you haven’t done something, or you’re not at some place, doesn’t mean you will never accomplish that desire or go to that place. The same is true if you are involved in, or experiencing something in a certain place. You certainly will not continue to do that or experience that in the exact same way in that exact place forever. As long as we are alive, we are in a constant state of change. God did not create us as static monuments of His creativity. God created us to freely interact with Him and His creation as growing and changing creations in that creation. Unlike the clay on a sculptor’s pedestal, we can hear our creator, and we can speak with Him. If there is something you desire, some goal you’re striving for, some place you’re feeling called to, a place you need freed from or a situation you need delivered from, ask God for wisdom and understanding to guide you.

Sometimes we can’t understand why the paint is being scraped off our canvas or why our clay is being punched down just when we thought we were looking pretty good. Sometimes we might even have to be set aside until we’re ready to be worked on again. Maybe you’re not feeling like your life is very abundant right now. No one is promised a trouble-free and disease-free life. Neither are we promised vast wealth or fabulous possessions – unless that’s what we need for the accomplishment of God’s will to His glory and praise. What God promises is this: He is faithful and He will never leave you or forsake you. Even now, God’s hands are upon the clay of your existence and He is in the very clay itself. The Master Potter knows the type of vessel you are to become. All you need to do is trust Him and allow Him to work with you.

© 2014 Curt Savage Media

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